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Fluoride: Here's what you should know

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BY Upper Avenue Dentistry

You're probably familiar with Fluoride - you're usually given some at the end of each of your dental cleanings. But what actually is fluoride? and how does it help our teeth? Considering fluoride's prominent usage at the dentist - and its presence in our drinking water - these are questions worth answering.

Fluoride is a natural and abundant mineral found predominantly in the earth's crust. Because our tooth enamel is primarily composed of minerals, the mineral make-up of fluoride contributes to re-mineralization of enamel when it accumulates. Re-mineralization carries two important benefits:

  • It strengthens enamel, making teeth more resistant to decay and cavities.
  • It helps prevent the formation of acids caused by oral bacteria and sugars.

The caveat to fluoride use is that over-exposure can lead to adverse effects, such as Fluorosis (brittleness and surface pits on the teeth), and kidney toxicity. It's important, then, to trust your fluoride usage with us, as we'll always ensure a correct, healthy dosage.

Considering the side effects of overuse, it may surprise you that there is fluoride contained in all our public drinking water, if you weren't aware already. Thankfully, the fluoride in our water supply is both perfectly safe and entirely beneficial for our oral health. The positives have been long documented and supported by over 90 health international health organizations. Of course, if you have any remaining questions about fluoride, whether they pertain to its usage inside the dental office or out, we'd be more than happy to fill you in during your next visit.

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