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Top 5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Smile

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BY Upper Avenue Dentistry

Making good nutritional choices will help you maintain healthy teeth throughout your life. Combining the right nutritional choices with proper dental maintenance helps to ensure proper oral care.

What happens if you don't take care of your teeth?

The accumulation of plaque, mucus, bacteria, and food residue (particularly from foods that are high in sugar and starch) builds up on the surface of your teeth, leading to decay and gum disease.

This build up of residue can be limited however by consistent brushing and flossing along with making smart and healthy food choices.

5 ways to maintain healthy teeth

  1. Maintain a balanced diet
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Limit unhealthy and sugary snacks
  4. Brush and floss regularly
  5. Go see your dentist on a regular basis

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